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The wedding one

I miss Skins already, don’t you? When it ended I felt my life deflate a little bit.

For now though we can still live in bliss as I discuss what exactly just happened on my poor laptop screen. I feel like I should apologise for clearly missing crucial pieces of information from last weeks mental breakdown, I for one was very shocked to learn that Rich had proposed, because on the Channel Four I was watching this never occured, which is quite terrible since the entire finale revolved around this. At least I have an excuse to watch it again now.

As much as this episode massaged my brain into a sweet sweet coma it pissed me off in equal measure. Liv suddenly didn’t give a shit about her relationship based on booze with Matty and decided that Franky could come along for the ride when clearly, as she later realised in a moment of enlightenment, he wanted to shag her in the woods–hasn’t happened enough this series. Also we shouldn’t be starting to like Mini now because she is slowly turning into a ‘caring lesbian’ she is probably still a bitch deep down inside and she should be crying herself to sleep. The writers really need to bang some more stereotypes in, their target audience will be getting confused. One last thing which thouroughly annoyed me was Nick’s existence. He is now un-neccessary to the plot and should be disposed of like the beer cans he is never without. Rugby was never that good mate, go home and cry to daddy.

Otherwise it was rather enjoyable and an interesting finale of action packed proportions. So the couple whose wedding it was suppossed to be weren’t really the centre of attention, too much stuff was happening on the way to the wedding, in the woods. Okay so the only bit that gripped me was the bit in the woods. Skins is always better when it’s in the woods, as we have witnessed over the course of five series it’s a tried and tested method for carnage and success. This time round we got some latent homosexual feelings arising, which they didn’t explore enough and I look forward to it coming up in the next series, we got poor Franky telling us just why she is adopted, also an excellent tale, and we got her then tumbling of the edge of a little cliff after NOT having sex in the woods. You can’t please everyone I suppose.

After all that was over and business had been taken care of, nobodies head would be fucked with any longer, they set-up the next series brilliantly with a reintroduction of the aformentioned head fuckery and some lovely back and forth shots of texting. Those clever souls over at E4 have realised the future is upon us and are taking full advantage of it. Next series should be filmed entirely via facebook with the occasional Skype conversation for a bit of excitement. The first social media show, I can see the critics swarming already.

Usually I would now talk about the music, but lets face it, it was good and average that’s about it. Though I have just discovered Segal who is rather excellent so I will say a begrudging thanks to Kyle and be done with it. Thanks (dick).

That’s it folks, my banter has drawn to a close and I’ll have to find something else to weekly disturb and excite myself with, but I did just read the news that Skins has a film coming out this summer which will focus on the second generation, but feature the first and third accordingly. I’m absolutely terrified of that.